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It’s Audition Time!


To schedule your audition slot, contact Debbie Piper at or Rhonda Juliano at


Concert Event Success!

We’re sending a huge THANK YOU out to our partners at The Redmoor, the best event planner in town – Janet Hill and to Circle Tail who continues to change lives. Every day.

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Photo credit:  Steven Weiss


Thank you to Unwind Wine Bar in Hyde Park

Another beautiful night at a beautiful venue. A big thank you goes out to Darrick Beekman and the staff!

If you’ve not been to Unwind, don’t wait another minute. They have a wonderful array of wine selections to suit your tastes or push your limits. Whether you’re sitting inside or out on the patio, it’s always a relaxed and easy time – their friendly staff makes sure of it!

Unwind Wine Bar

3435 Michigan Ave
Cincinnati 45208

(513) 321-9463



Our Concept

Fluidity, a Creative Choral Community for a Cause, will hold event-concerts to raise funds to benefit partner non-profit organizations. We think of ourselves as creative doers supporting the needs in our community. Joining an event with a themed concert is a unique and meaningful way to pay it forward, while making a real difference.

The vision for this group was created by Rhonda Juliano, Artistic Director. Let’s hear about it in her own words!

Rhonda Juliano, Artistic Director

Rhonda Juliano, Artistic Director