Our Mission

We are a diverse choral community giving back to the needs of our neighborhoods.

Our Concept

Fluidity, a Creative Choral Community for a Cause, will hold event-concerts to raise funds to benefit partner non-profit organizations. We think of ourselves as creative doers supporting the needs in our community. Joining an event with a themed concert is a unique and meaningful way to pay it forward, while making a real difference.

Fluidity believes in equality; we seek to be fluid in song, genres, voicing, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicities, and all diversities.

The Nonprofits We've Helped So Far

Our Staff

The people who help make Fluidity happen.

Matthew Moquin-Lee (he/him), Artistic Director

Joshua Goines (he/him), Collaborative Pianist

Elizabeth Reyna (she/her), Executive Assistant